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The Importance of Mindsets

A person's mindset shapes the way they think, learn, and behave. Unfortunately, many children develop a fixed mindset from an early age - if it is fixed it will not change throughout a person's life. This is not the best way to learn and grow as a person.

According to the research done by a group called 7 Mindsets, less than 10% of adults ever reach the goals they set for themselves. This leaves over 90% of people who can't or doesn't reach the goals they have set. (How to Change Your Mindset, 2016)

The statistic led the people of 7 Mindsets to understand the difference between the sub 10% of people who achieve their goals and the rest who do not achieve their goals.

They concluded that those who can achieve their goals have a different and more learning-oriented mindset. This mindset allows them to deal with failure and succeed in learning failures along the way.

This more positive and growth-oriented mindset appears to be what sets them apart. A fixed mindset usually causes a person to be more pessimistic about their abilities to succeed at the new things they try. It doesn't allow for the necessary changes and brain growth that need to occur to complete a new task correctly.

With the right mindset, a child can and will grow into an intelligent and successful adult.

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